Most students will have an internship during their time in college. Majors will sometimes even require a student to have completed an internship for credit. There are many companies and businesses that offer internships throughout Austin. One of these places is South by Southwest (SXSW), which I have been interning at for nearly two semesters.

Usually when someone hears about my internship with SXSW, they immediately ask how I got the internship. When I was looking for internships, I picked a few companies I thought I would like to work with, and then when to their websites to see if they had an openings for internships. SXSW was one of those companies, and they did have an opening. In fact, they had lot of openings for many different kinds of internships.

There were internships for marketing, event planning, production, media, as well as internships positions for different parts of the event (film, music, interactive), and the list just keeps going. 

If you go onto their website a month or two months prior to the semester you want to be interning, you can go through the list of internships being offered. Each listing will have an estimated timeline for how long the internship is, a description of what you’ll be doing, and the skills you should have in order to accomplish those tasks. They also have instructions on how to apply for the internship. 

SXSW is a great place to intern with, not only because of experience that you will gain at the internship, but also because of connections you can make. However, there are some things you should keep in mind before deciding to apply.

SXSW is a huge event that takes a lot of work to put on. You should expect to be spending a lot of hours working for the department you are in. There are some exceptions to this rule. If you chose to intern during the fall semester, the work load is a little lighter, because the main event is still several months away. Spring semester, though, will keep you very busy. The week of SXSW will also be very intense, with a heavy amount of work to do during the event. You should expect late nights and early mornings nearly every day of the event. 

If you are prepared for the amount of work required, and they are offering an internship in something you want experience in, then applying at SXSW is definitely worth it. There is a lot to learn from working at such a major event, and even more people to meet. Plus, having an event like this on your resume will go a long way.  

Find out more about the internships they offer at
  • Ashley Kaczmar
Austin, Texas is one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. Known for its hills, lakes, music, diversity and especially its weirdness, an attribute Austin-area people tend to overlook is its great selection of food. Austin has some exceptionally delicious food.  From downtown Austin to Westlake, one is sure to find a restaurant that will "hit the spot." Whether one is a vegetarian, a meat lover, or enjoys a meal of carbs, there are many restaurants from which to choose. 

If one is craving chips and salsa or some blue corn chicken enchiladas, Chuy's Tex Mex is a great place to go. With its crazy-fun atmosphere and creamy jalapeño ranch dip, it is hard to find another place that equals Chuy's popularity. A wall covered with hubcaps, colored fish hanging from the ceiling and a velvet picture of Elvis provide the perfect backdrop for some tasty Tex-Mex. There is always a wait, so one should be strategic in timing their appearance. 

How about a special anniversary date night? Planning to spend some big bucks? Ruth's Chris Steakhouse is your place. Be prepared for some "Happy Anniversary!" confetti on your table and a friendly "Congratulations!" from your waiter. This place knows how to cook a steak. With steak so tender it practically melts in your mouth, the flavor is to die for. For a tasty side dish, one of the common favorites is their creamy mashed potatoes. And to complete your delicious outing do not forget to stock up on some dessert with Ruth's Chris Chocolate Sin Cake. Try some, your taste buds will thank you for it. 

Craving some good ol' Texas BBQ? The County Line will not disappoint. Make sure you start off with some of their homemade, freshly baked bread. Whether you choose white or wheat you won't regret loading up on some of these tasty, sweet carbs. As for the main course, be sure to try The County Line's beef ribs. They are so tender, they fall off the bone. Turkey, chicken, chopped beef, or brisket. You name it, County Line's BBQ is sure to satisfy. For some added fun, be sure to visit the talking steer on the wall or take a picture with the Texas-sized rib before you leave. 

Longing for a little slice of heaven? Head down to South Congress Avenue to one of Austin's most popular pizza joints, Home Slice Pizza, and they will serve that right up. You can find calzones, salads, sub sandwhiches, and of course the main attraction - authentic New York-style pizza. Whether by the slice or as a full pie, they have it all. If all you are wanting is a slice to go, head to the window at More Home Slice right next to the original restaurant. 

What about a bold, juicy, delicious, Texas-sized hamburger with a twist? If this makes your mouth water, Hopdoddy Burger Bar is the way to go. The line usually wraps all the way outside and around the restaurant on South Congress, but it is definitely worth the wait. Fresh, all-natural ingredients, homemade fresh buns, juicy burgers, some seasoned fries and signature shakes are bound to satisfy anyone's craving. 

As you can see, Austin's food selection is wild and crazy. These are only a few of the many amazing places Austin and the surrounding area has to offer. No matter where you choose, you cannot go wrong. Get out there and have fun eating.

Emma Martino
Final exams are an important part of the college experience. They can make or break a student’s final grades. Sometimes, if you’re lucky enough (a.k.a., meet the necessary requirements), students are able to be exempt from finals. Good for those students, but the truth is, finals are stressful. Of course, you should study your hardest for your finals, but if you didn’t already know, there are different study methods that can make reviewing for finals more effective. Although they won’t make your actual finals any easier, here are a few studying tips that can make facing final exams a little less of a stressful process: 

1. Keeping Your Energy Levels High 
Studies show that students do better on tests after sleeping anywhere from 7-9 hours a day. This could mean managing your time wisely in order to get adequate study and sleep time. Not the most convenient, but definitely proven effective. And if you didn’t already know, there’s no such thing as catching up on sleep, so make sure to get some good z’s. 

2. The 50-10 Study Rule 
The idea of this method is to study 50 minutes of every hour and use the remaining 10 minutes to stretch, clear your mind, have a snack, etc. The trick is to be 100% focused during the 50-minute study period. Pro tip: try setting an alarm for every 50-minute period to keep you right on schedule. 

3. Organize a Calendar 
Knowing your entire final schedule, as well as the amount of time in your personal schedule to study for each test, can be very helpful in the finals process. Expert organizers advise everyone to include the time period of each exam on said calendar and to also separate the hours you plan on studying for each individual final. 

4. Study in Groups (Only if it Benefits You) 
A group of minds working together can actually make for a better study session. That being said, it’ll probably only be beneficial if your study group is actually studying and remains focused. Your classmates can potentially help explain certain concepts better and help you understand them more. If you’re more of a lone-wolf studier, then that’s cool too. Just do whatever keeps you focused. 

5. Exercise and a Healthy Diet 
Getting sufficient amount of exercise as well as good nutrition helps to not only reduce personal stress levels, but also maintain emotional stability. The exercise part also lowers your blood pressure, but raises your energy levels to keep you studying more effectively. 

6. Relax 
It’s important to keep stress levels low in order to get the most out of precious finals study time. It’s okay to worry about finals, but remember that you’re in control. The more efficiently you distribute your time and effort to studying for final exams the better the chances of you understanding the material. After you’re all studied out and it comes time to take the exam, don’t stress; you got this.

Javier Rivera 
Months of extreme anticipation have passed. Kids, teenagers, and adults that have a strong passion for action and superheroes have been awaiting for “Batman vs. Superman” to be released in theaters. Debates have been prevalent over the years as to which hero can overpower the other; an intelligent man with gadgets in a Batman costume, or an alien in human form with supernatural powers. DC Comics has introduced a rivalry between the good guys that many people have longed to see.

People had arguments for decades defending their hero. For the people who defend Batman, the debate becomes intense when others make the argument that Batman does not have any super powers. Batman supporters make the claims that the key to the man in the bat suit is his extravagant intelligence and his ability to maneuver and outsmart his opponents. There is no doubt that these are a very skilled characteristics to have. Being able to come up with strategic ways to counter the attacks that are targeted at him makes him more suitable to be considered a hero, regardless of the fact the he does not have any superpowers. Another argument is that Batman already has an armored suit that would adapt to Superman's power if they were to engage in battle. Batman supporters make the claim that his suit enables him to adapt to Superman's heat vision, strength, cold breathe, and punches. Batman's preparations gives him an advantage.

As for the Superman supporters, it is blatantly clear to them that Superman would obliterate Batman in a split second. It has been a common argument that the Man of Steel has power that is far more instantaneous than Batman's reactions and his intelligence combined. It is accepted by Superman supporters that no matter how much preparation Batman has done, it holds no match to Superman's superpowers. In a fight to the death, that has no mercy, Superman is considered to be the superior and dominator of the match. 

DC has written a series of fights between the two heroes. Debaters bring up the fact that every time Batman won it was because of some disadvantage that was placed on Superman (like mind-control). The argument about kryptonite has also been tossed around. Kryptonite is Superman's supreme weakness, so Batman could completely get rid of Superman within a matter of seconds. However, another disagreement arises when people argue that Superman can kill Batman from a distance. The debate goes back and forth when considering Batman usually thinks two steps ahead of his opponent, even though the Man of Steel is considered to be able to withstand all of Batman's attacks.

The debate has been going on for decades, and the arguments have gotten stronger. If you want to know the answer to this age old question, then go see the movie. It is already in theaters. Will the movie answer the question, or will there still be some skeptics at the end?

Diamond Caro


The beloved Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) has been under
fire lately in the media. There have been rumors that this charity
may in fact be a scam. The purpose of WWP is to create public
awareness and aid for the needs of injured armed force members.
They provide programs that meet the needs of these injured
 service members. Many have taken part in donating to this organization
being a scam began to surface. There were claims that WWP 
was only using 58% of donations for the actual programs.
The remaining amount was being kept by their workers.
Other claims stated that WWP was hiring other companies
to promote their name which in turn caused more of their
collected money to be spent. After more research, it can be
said that these claims are false. 

Wounded Warriors Project
is not a legal scam after all. It is true that only 58% of donations
go towards programs for injured service members. However,
the remaining percentage goes towards other charities and
scholarship foundations. Promotion from other companies is 
happening but its done voluntarily, without pay. WWP reaches
out and tries everyday to make a difference in the world. They
see the bigger picture of what it means to provide a helping
hand to our service men and women. To make a donation
or for more information on this organization visit:
Noey Ruiz
A look back: iMac to iPhone

                    We have come a long way since the first Apple iMac was introduced in 1998,
 sixteen years ago. Now we have the ability to communicate with one another through
 a wearable watch, thanks to Apple. Apple corporation was established on April 1, 1976            
 in Cupertino, California by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. When these 
three men began this corporation thirty-eight years ago, they probably didn't even think 
it would get to where is is today. Apple is one of the most top cellular phone-sellers in 
                    After the initial iMac, apple started development of MP3 players with the simple
 iPod Shuffle that was highly popular when it first came out. This was followed by the iPod 
Nano and then the iPod Touch. Teens and children who had an iPod Shuffle no longer 
 wanted it as much when the flashy, new iPod Nano came out with its small LCD screen. 
 The world of technology is such that when something new comes out, we naturally want 
to go out and buy it. 
                  Following the innovations in music players came a brand-new workstation desktop
 computer launched by Apple in 2006, called the iMac. Following the Mac Pro were several
 other computing devices such as the Mac Mini, Mac Book Pro and MacBook Air.
                  Then in January 2007, Steve Jobs introduced the innovation everyone had been waiting
 for, the iPhone. And then in 2010, the iPad. These devices are a combination of the internet-enabled
 smartphone and an iPod. Since then we have seen a number of updates to the phone, until the most
 recent iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models. Over the years Apple has been very successful in marketing their
 products to consumers and have strong ratings across the board. We don't hear too many complaints
 regarding Apple products today and oftentimes when they do come out, they are small complaints.
 Apple seems to be on a decline, however, in terms of how innovatively successful they can be in the
 future, as there isn't a whole lot further they can go. But as for now, Apple is still high on the radar for
 technological products in the computing and cellphone industry.

Anthony Rodriguez

ROTC on the Concordia Campus

If you were on campus on Thursday October 2nd from about 3:45 to 5:45 you may have noticed a bunch of people walking around in ACUs or Army Combat Uniforms featured in the picture. You may have also noticed some of these people on campus every Thursday or even have seen some of them in your classes. These people are the cadets of Texas Army ROTC in which five members are currently enrolled at Concordia.
The Reserve Officer Training Corps' mission is to educate and train college students to become leaders. Texas Army ROTC comprises of students from Concordia, St. Edwards University, Huston-Tillotson University, Austin Community College, and The University of Texas at Austin (UT). UT Austin, however, happens to be the host school. Therefore, cadets from the other schools must commute to UT Austin for morning workouts Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and for their Military Science classes. Cadet Jose Barraza, a sophomore Behavioral Science major at Concordia, explains how he is thankful to be a ROTC cadet at Concordia. "I am incredibly thankful for the relationship between Concordia and the University of Texas. It has given me the opportunity to pursue my degree at a University with a passion for building Christian leaders, and also continue my goal of receiving a commission in the United States Army."
On Thursday afternoons, cadets have their weekly leadership lab, which are oftentimes held at Camp Mabry.  They have also been held at other locations, such as the Liberal Arts building at the University of Texas at Austin or at St. Edwards University. On the 2nd of October, it was held at Concordia where cadets completed orienteering training. During this training cadets were given a point to start from and given the distance and direction to different points that they had to navigate using only a compass as a guide. Cadet Reneillio Morrison, a junior Biology major at Concordia, says what he likes about these labs is that, "UT ROTC incorporates real-life scenarios into the lab."

Kelsey Peta