CTX Intramural Sports

It was the flag football finals, and the stakes were high, it could not have been a closer game after halftime. This is crazy, we are going to win, we are pulling away from the other team, but I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be doing. I’ll just run in circles and wear her out and look like I’m doing something right. Running and running and calling for the ball, not going to get it, but I’ll call anyway. Oh my, the ball is coming my way. Just catch it and make it look like it was on purpose. Touchdown! Everyone on the team is headed my way cheering and screaming. MVP catch. Nothing gets the school spirit pumping quite like competitive sports.

       According to NIRSA, the National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association, intramural sports were first introduced to colleges in 1913, beginning with Ohio State University and the University of Michigan. These days, the majority of colleges and universities offer a range of intramural sports, Concordia University of Texas being one of them.

CTX offers eight intramural sports every year: four in the fall and four sports in the spring. The fall sports include: flag football, ultimate Frisbee, kickball, and handball. The spring sports include: indoor soccer, volleyball, basketball, and softball.

So, how does someone become apart of a team here at CTX? Student Activities, located in Building B next to the bookstore is the place to go, and the person in that office to see is Daniel Foote, Intramural Coordinator. Daniel organizes and runs just about everything involving intramural sports from start to finish.

“Signing up a team to play is simple. Just come find me or email me your team captain, the people on your team, team name and that is all.” Daniel says.

“For someone who wants to play but isn’t on a team all they need to do is tell me they want to play and I can find them a spot on a team, but one way or another, everyone is welcome.”

How long do these sports last? Each sport lasts anywhere from two to five weeks depending on what sport and how many teams are signed up. Games are played on Sunday and Tuesday nights. Most of the sports have a week or two of regular games and then a night of playoffs and a night of finals.

Finals? This is competitive? Yes, the concept of intramurals is about fun and fellowship, but also for competition. That is why the winner of each sport gets a t-shirt and a trophy to take a picture with only.

What if I am uncoordinated and have no idea what I’m doing? The beauty of intramural sports is that you do not have to know how or be athletic. Here is what Daniel Foote has to say about CTX Intramurals,

“Intramurals at Concordia are a great opportunity for all different types of students to come together and engage in some healthy competition against one another.”

Here is what previous intramural participants have to say for the sports:

“Intramurals are such a great place for community. It is amazing to see students come together and just have a good, healthy time!” Claire Penn, CTX Junior.

“Intramural sports are all about fun. Winning is fun.” Kevin Mathinson, CTX Senior.

“Intramural is really a fun experience. We get to come out and build community regardless of our athletic ability. I would highly recommend playing in at least one sport.” Amy Brandon, CTX Sophomore.

“Intramural is an incredible opportunity to play sports and meet new people! I love the community of intramurals and how many people come out to play and watch! I think it’s a lot of fun competition where you want to win (because who doesn’t) but it is still fun (some people can take it a little too seriously though) but still fun! I think everyone should get involved with intramurals no matter what your athletic ability is because of the great community on every Sunday and Tuesday night of the year!” Elizabeth Hoffman, CTX Junior.

“Intramurals for me is just a good time. My friends are there. I’ve made plenty of friends there. My teammates are there, and it’s just a good sense of friendly competition. Now don’t get me wrong, there are definitely times where I’ve lost my cool but that’s me as a person. It’s a reminder that being competitive and staying active isn’t all about winning or being the best; it’s a great reminder that we are blessed with the opportunity to play sports that we love with people we love and even people we don’t know that we get the opportunity to know! Intramurals is truly a great way to get involved and just meet some really cool people and just going to intramural turns into going to more events and meeting more people while having a truly awesome college experience.” Connor Trevino, CTX Junior.

Written by: Nacole Miller